Grasshopper + Rhino

April 30, 2013

Grasshopper + Rhino

Master thesis exhibition

January 22, 2013

The exhibition was held during the last four weeks of the Fall semester 2012 at Roger Gallery locating in second floor of Stanley Hall, the home of Mizzou’s Architectural Studies department. The exhibition was named ” The Rain Dance: Exploration of Formal Aesthetics in a Buddhist Library Design”. Walking through the gallery, people could see how we can apply research’s findings into a real design project.



An animation visually traces the phenomenological experience of Buddhist monk’s daily journey from his home to the library, that could not show at the gallery. However you can see here:

University of Missouri,

I was many times in front of Cornell Hall, the home of Business School, but I had not ever come into the building until I have to do the writing. I visited the building in an autumn’s afternoon of a sunny day. The colors of surrounding sceneries attracted my heart and mine more than the initial purpose of the visiting. Nevertheless, when I entered the building, I was so excited with the building’s central space (atrium) gradually occurring from the main entrance.

cornell hall

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I often stay in the rooms on the second floor of Memorial Union to study English. From the unique gothic windows of these rooms I can enjoy a wonderful picture which consists of Ellis Library and many colorful trees and flowers. However I didn’t recognize any special thing in it until I had an opportunity to visit the State Historical Society of Missouri Gallery in the basement of Ellis Library with Dr. Fran and my classmate this Wednesday.

Watching the cargo

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